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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

About May

One night Nurse Sleep held out her hand
   To tired little May.
"Come, go with me to Wonderland,"
   She said, "I know the way.
Just rock-a-by--hum--m--m,
   And lo! we come
To the place where the dream-girls play."

But naughty May, she wriggled away
   From Sleep's soft arms, and said:
"I must stay awake till I eat my cake,
   And then I will go to bed;
With a by-lo, away I will go."
   But the good nurse shook her head.

She shook her head and away she sped,
   While May sat munching her crumb.
But after the cake there came an ache,
   Though May cried: "Come, Sleep, come,
And it's oh! my! let us by-lo-by"--
   All save the echoes were dumb.

She ran after Sleep toward Wonderland,
Ran till the morning light;
And just as she caught her and grasped her hand,
   A nightmare gave her a fright.
And it's by-lo, I hope she'll know
   Better another night. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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