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Poem by Janet Hamilton

Duleep Singh

An Indian Prince now Resident in England

Of late I listened to a wondrous tale
 From lips revered. 'Twas not of war and glory
A moving tale of princely love and truth,
 Quite a new version of the "old, old story."

From India's golden, glowing, sunny clime,
 A youthful prince to favoured England came,
And found the Light of Lifethe life that sheds
 Divinest glory on the Saviour's name!

Victoria, pattern of all virtues rare
 The good, the wise, the tender and benign
With tender sympathy, and welcome fair,
 Received this stranger youth of princely line.

O happy Prince! The diamond, "Mount of Light"
 The treasured gem, whose lambent glories shone
Like clustered starshe lost; but found instead
 The Pearl of Price! nor mourned the diamond gone.

Led by a hand divine, to Cairo old
 He went. And lo! a vision of delight
Rose like a star on his admiring eyes:
 A fair young maidenpious, pure, and bright!

Meek child of Providence, true child of grace,
 Beloved, devoted teacher of the young!
Ah! never stranger tale of love than thine,
 Sweet "Bamba," has the raptured poet sung.

Love at first sight, with gentle violence, stormed
 The Prince's heart. He yielded to its power,
He sought and won the timid maid, who had
 But beauty, love, and goodness for her dower.

When first his eyes fell on that youthful form,
 A secret voiceintuitive, divine
Said to his heart, Behold this gentle maid;
 The heart replied, She shall, she must be mine.

And soon her young and tender heart was given
 Into his keeping; soon the small soft hand
Was joined to his; the mission'd man of God
 Bound them, with joy, in holy wedlock's band.

In Cairo's mission-home the Prince had found
 The precious gem he on his bosom wore:
His own in life, in death, in weal and woe
 To sparkle, love, and bless him evermore.

Rich was the golden gift the fair young bride,
 Sent by her princely husband, came to lay
Upon the Mission altar. God, she said,
 Had, as her Father, given His child away;

Giv'n her to him, who led her to a home
 A happy English home, by love made bright.
One Lord, one faith was theirsone hope that shines
 And sheds on all Heaven's pure, supernal light.

And when a baby boy, to crown and bliss
 Their wedded love, to their embrace was given,
Our gracious Queen, as sponsor at the font,
 Gave the dear babe, in holy rite, to Heaven.

There, too, the Sovereign lady gave the name
 Of "Albert Victor" to the infant boy:
The worth such names imply be his in life
 A life of goodness, purity, and joy!

Janet Hamilton

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