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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Wishes for a Little Girl

What would I ask the kindly fates to give
   To crown her life, if I could have my way?
My strongest wishes would be negative,
   If they would but obey.

Give her not greatness. For great souls must stand
   Alone and lonely in this little world:
Cleft rocks that show the great Creators hand,
   Thither by earthquakes hurled.

Give her not genius. Spare her the cruel pain
   Of finding her whole life a prey for daws;
Of hearing with quickened sense and burning brain
   The worlds sneer-tinged applause.

Give her not perfect beautys gifts. For then
   Her truthful mirror would infuse her mind
With love for self, and for the praise of men,
   That lowers woman-kind.

But make her fair and comely to the sight,
   Give her more heart than brain, more love than pride.
Let her be tender-thoughted, cheerful, bright,
   Some strong mans star and guide.

Not vainly questioning why she was sent
   Into this restless world of toil and strife,
Let her go bravely on her way, content
   To make the best of life.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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