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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

A Girls Faith

Across the miles that stretch between,
   Through days of gloom or glad sunlight,
There shines a face I have not seen
   Which yet doth make my world more bright.

He may be near, he may be far,
   Or near or far I cannot see,
But faithful as the morning star
   He yet shall rise and come to me.

What though fate leads us separate ways,
   The world is round, and time is fleet.
A journey of a few brief days,
   And face to face we two shall meet.

Shall meet beneath Gods arching skies,
   While suns shall blaze, or stars shall gleam,
And looking in each others eyes
   Shall hold the past but as a dream.

But round and perfect and complete,
   Life like a star shall climb the height,
As we two press with willing feet
   Together toward the Infinite.

And still behind the space between,
   As back of dawns the sunbeams play,
There shines the face I have not seen,
   Whose smile shall wake my world to-day.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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