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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Bridge of Prayer

The bridge of prayer from heavenly heights suspended
   Unites the earth with spirit-realms in Space.
The interests of those separate worlds are blended
   For those whose feet turn often toward that place.

In troubled nights of sorrow and repining,
   When joy and hope seem sunk in dark despair,
We still may see above the shadows shining,
   The gleaming archway of the bridge of prayer.

From that fair height, our souls may lean and listen
   To sounds of music from the farther shore,
And through the vapours, sometimes dear eyes glisten
   Of loved ones who have hastened on before.

And angels come from their Celestial City--
   And meet us half way on the bridge of prayer.
God sends them forth, full of divinest pity
   To strengthen us for burdens we must bear.

Oh! you whose feet walk in some shadowed by-way,
   Far from the scenes of pleasure and delight,
Still free to you hangs this suspended highway,
   Where heavenly glories dawn upon the sight.

And common paths glow with a grace supernal,
   And happiness walks hand in hand with care,
And faith becomes a knowledge fixed, eternal,
   For those who often seek the bridge of prayer.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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