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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

He Will Not Come

Take out the blossom in your hair abloom,
   No more it seemeth beautiful, or bright,
And sickening is its subtly sweet perfume--
      He will not come to-night.

Take off the necklace with its sparkling gem,
   And rings that glow and glitter in the light,
And fling them in the case that waits for them--
      He will not come to-night.

Take off the robe a little while ago
   You chose, to make you fairer in his sight;
Tis ten oclock. So late you can but know
      He will not come to-night.

He will not come. God grant you strength and grace,
   For never more upon your mortal sight
Shall dawn a glimpse of that beloved face
      That did not come to-night.

He will not come. And through the shadowed years,
   The perfume of that blossom that you wore
Shall stir the fount of salt and bitter tears--
      For one who comes no more.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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