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Poem by Anne Bradstreet

Upon My Dear and Loving Husband his Going into England Jan. 16

O thou Most High who rulest all 
And hearst the prayers of thine, 
O hearken, Lord, unto my suit 
And my petition sign.

Into Thy everlasting arms Of mercy 
I commend Thy servant, Lord. 
Keep and preserve My husband, 
my dear friend.

At Thy command, O Lord, he went, 
Nor nought could keep him back. 
Then let Thy promise joy his heart, 
O help and be not slack.

Uphold my heart in Thee, O God. 
Thou art my strength and stay, 
Thou seest how weak and frail I am, 
Hide not Thy face away.

I in obedience to Thy will 
Thou knowest did submit. 
It was my duty so to do; 
O Lord, accept of it.

Unthankfulness for mercies past 
Impute Thou not to me. 
O Lord, Thou knowst my weak desire 
Was to sing praise to Thee.

Lord, be Thou pilot to the ship 
And send them prosperous gales. 
In storms and sickness, Lord, preserve. 
Thy goodness never fails.

Unto Thy work he hath in hand 
Lord, grant Thou good success 
And favour in their eyes to whom 
He shall make his address.

Remember, Lord, Thy folk whom Thou 
To wilderness hast brought; 
Let not Thine own inheritance 
Be sold away for nought.

But tokens of Thy favour give, 
With joy send back my dear 
That I and all Thy servants may 
Rejoice with heavenly cheer.

Lord, let my eyes see once again 
Him whom Thou gavest me 
That we together may sing praise 
Forever unto Thee.

And the remainder of our days 
Shall consecrated be 
With an engaged heart to sing 
All praises unto Thee.

Anne Bradstreet

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