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Poem by Anne Bradstreet

In Thankful Remembrance for My Dear Husbands Safe Arrival

What shall I render to Thy name 
Or how Thy praises speak? 
My thanks how shall I testify? 
O Lord, Thou knowst Im weak.

I owe so much, so little can 
Return unto Thy name, 
Confusion seizes on my soul, 
And I am filled with shame.

O Thou that hearest prayers, Lord, 
To Thee shall come all flesh 
Thou hast me heard and answered, 
My plaints have had access.

What did I ask for but Thou gavst? 
What could I more desire? 
But thankfulness even all my days 
I humbly this require.

Thy mercies, Lord, have been so great 
In number numberless, 
Impossible for to recount 
Or any way express.

O help Thy saints that sought Thy face 
T return unto Thee praise 
And walk before Thee as they ought, 
In strict and upright ways.

Anne Bradstreet

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