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Poem by Anne Bradstreet

In My Solitary Hours in My Dear Husband His Absence

O Lord, Thou hearst my daily moan 
And seest my dropping tears. 
My troubles all are Thee before, 
My longings and my fears.

Thou hitherto hast been my God; 
Thy help my soul hath found. 
Though loss and sickness me assailed, 
Through Thee Ive kept my ground.

And Thy abode Thoust made with me; 
With Thee my soul can talk; 
In secret places Thee I find 
Where I do kneel or walk.

Though husband dear be from me gone, 
Whom I do love so well, 
I have a more beloved one 
Whose comforts far excel.

O stay my heart on Thee. my God, 
Uphold my fainting soul. 
And when I know not what to do, 
Ill on Thy mercies roll.

My weakness. Thou dost know full well 
Of body and of mind; 
I in this world no comfort have, 
But what from Thee I find.

Though children Thou has given me, 
And friends I have also, 
Yet if I see Thee not through them 
They are no joy, but woe.

O shine upon me, blessed Lord, 
Evn for my Saviours sake; 
In Thee alone is more than all, 
And there content Ill take.

O hear me, Lord, in this request 
As Thou before hast done, 
Bring back my husband, I beseech, 
As Thou didst once my son.

So shall I celebrate Thy praise 
Evn while my days shall last 
And talk to my beloved one 
Of all Thy goodness past.

So both of us Thy kindness, Lord, 
With praises shall recount 
And serve Thee better than before 
Whose blessings thus surmount.

But give me, Lord, a better heart, 
Then better shall I be, 
To pay the vows which I do owe 
Forever unto Thee.

Unless Thou help, what can I do 
But still my frailty show? 
If Thou assist me, Lord, 
I shall Return Thee what I owe.

Anne Bradstreet

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