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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 30. Oer the Tall Cliff

Oer the tall cliff that bounds the billowy main
Shadwing the surge that sweeps the lonely strand,
While the thin vapours break along the sand,
Days harbinger unfolds the liquid plain.
The rude Sea murmurs, mournful as the strain
That love-lorn minstrels strike with trembling hand,
While from their green beds rise the Syren band
With tongues aerial to repeat my pain!
The vessel rocks beside the pebbly shore,
The foamy curls its gaudy trappings lave;
Oh! Bark propitious! bear me gently oer,
Breathe soft, ye winds; rise slow, O! swelling wave!
Lesbos; these eyes shall meet thy sands no more:
I fly, to seek my Lover, or my Grave!

Mary Robinson

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