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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 43. While From the Dizzy Precipice

While from the dizzy precipice I gaze,
The world receding from my pensive eyes,
High oer my head the tyrant eagle flies,
Clothd in the sinking suns transcendent blaze!
The meek-eyd moon, midst clouds of amber plays
As oer the purpling plains of light she hies,
Till the last stream of living lustre dies,
And the cool concave owns her temperd rays!
So shall this glowing, palpitating soul,
Welcome returning Reasons placid beam,
While oer my breast the waves Lethean roll,
To calm rebellious Fancys fevrish dream;
Then shall my Lyre disdain loves dread control,
And loftier passions, prompt the loftier theme!

Mary Robinson

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