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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 3. Turn to Yon Vale Beneath

Turn to yon vale beneath, whose tangled shade
Excludes the blazing torch of noon-day light,
Where sportive Fawns, and dimpled Loves invite,
The bowr of Pleasure opens to the glade:
Lulld by soft flutes, on leaves of violets laid,
There witching beauty greets the ravishd sight,
More gentle than the arbitress of night
In all her silvry panoply arrayd!
The birds breathe bliss! light zephyrs kiss the ground,
Stealing the hyacinths divine perfume;
While from the pellucid fountains glittring round,
Small tinkling rills bid rival flowrets bloom!
HERE, laughing Cupids bathe the bosoms wound;
THERE, tyrant passion finds a glorious tomb!

Mary Robinson

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