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Poem by Mary Robinson

Elegy to the Memory of Werter

With female Fairies will thy tomb be haunted
And worms will not come to thee. SHAKSPERE. 

WHEN from Days closing eye the lucid tears
Fall lightly on the bending lilys head;
When oer the blushing sky nights curtains spread, 
And the tall mountains summit scarce appears;
When languid Evening, sinking to repose,
Her filmy mantle oer the landscape throws; 
Of THEE Ill sing; and as the mournful song 
Glides in slow numbers the dark woods among; 
My wandring steps shall seek the lonely shade, 
Where all thy virtues, all thy griefs are laid! 

Yes, hopeless suffrer, friendless and forlorn,
Sweet victim of loves power; the silent tear
Shall oft at twilights close, and glimmring morn
Gem the pale primrose that adorns thy bier, 
And as the balmy dew ascends to heaven, 
Thy crime shall steal away, thy frailty be forgivn. 

Oft by the moons wan beam the love-lorn maid,
Led by soft SYMPATHY, shall stroll along;
Oft shall she listen in the Lime-trees * shade,
Her cold blood freezing at the night-owls song:
Or, when she hears the death-bells solemn sound,
Her light steps echoing oer the hollow ground;
Oft shall the trickling tear adorn her cheek,
Thy powr, O SENSIBILITY ! in magic charms to speak! 

For the poor PILGRIM, doomd afar to roam
From the dear comforts of his native home,
A glittring star puts forth a silvry ray,
Soothes his sad heart, and marks his tedious way;
The short-livd radiance cheers the gloom of night,
And decks Heavens murky dome with transitory light. 

So from the mournful CHARLOTTEs dark-orbd lids,
The sainted tear of pitying VIRTUE flows; 
And the last boon, the churlish priest forbids,
On thy lone grave the sacred drop bestows;
There shall the sparkling dews of Evening shine,

Mary Robinson

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