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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 33. I Wake!

I wake! delusive phantoms hence, away!
Tempt not the weakness of a lovers breast;
The softest breeze can shake the halcyons nest,
And lightest clouds oercast the dawning ray!
Twas but a vision! Now, the star of day
Peers, like a gem on Aetnas burning crest!
Wellcome, ye Hills, with golden vintage drest;
Sicilian forests brown, and vallies gay!
A mournful stranger, from the Lesbian Isle,
Not strange, in loftiest eulogy of Song!
She, who could teach the Stoics cheek to smile,
Thaw the cold heart, and chain the wondring throng,
Can find no balm, loves arrows to beguile;
Ah! Sorrows known too soon! and felt too long!

Mary Robinson

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