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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 24. O Thou! Meek Orb

O thou! meek Orb! that stealing oer the dale
Cheerst with thy modest beams the noon of night!
On the smooth lake diffusing silvry light,
Sublimely still, and beautifully pale!
What can thy cool and placid eye avail,
Where fierce despair absorbs the mental sight,
While inbred glooms the vagrant thoughts invite,
To tempt the gulph where howling fiends assail?
O, Night! all nature owns thy temperd powr;
Thy solemn pause, thy dews, thy pensive beam;
Thy sweet breath whispring in the moonlight bowr,
While fainting flowrets kiss the wandring stream!
Yet, vain is evry charm! and vain the hour,
That brings to maddning love, no soothing dream!

Mary Robinson

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