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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 16. Delusive Hope

Delusive Hope! more transient than the ray
That leads pale twilight to her dusky bed,
Oer woodland glen, or breezy mountains head,
Lingring to catch the parting sigh of day.
Hence with thy visionary charms, away!
Nor oer my path the flowrs of fancy spread;
Thy airy dreams on peaceful pillows shed,
And weave for thoughtless brows, a garland gay.
Farewell low vallies; dizzy cliffs, farewell!
Small vagrant rills that murmur as ye flow:
Dark bosomd labyrinth and thorny dell;
The task be mine all pleasures to forego;
To hide, where meditation loves to dwell,
And feed my soul, with luxury of woe!

Mary Robinson

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