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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 40. On the Low Margin

On the low margin of a murmring stream,
As rapt in meditations arms I lay;
Each aching sense in slumbers stole away,
While potent fancy formd a soothing dream;
Oer the Leucadian deep, a dazzling beam
Shed the bland light of empyrean day!
But soon transparent shadows veild each ray,
While mystic visions sprang athwart the gleam!
Now to the heaving gulf they seemd to bend,
And now across the sphery regions glide;
Now in mid-air, their dulcet voices blend,
Awake! awake! the restless phalanx cried,
See ocean yawns the lovers woes to end,
Plunge the green wave, and bid thy griefs subside.

Mary Robinson

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