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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 12. Now, Oer the Tesselated Pavement

Now, oer the tessellated pavement strew
Fresh saffron, steepd in essence of the rose,
While down yon agate column gently flows
A glittring streamlet of ambrosial dew!
My Phaon smiles! the rich carnations hue,
On his flushd cheek in conscious lustre glows,
While oer his breast enamourd Venus throws 
Her starry mantle of celestial blue!
Breathe soft, ye dulcet flutes, among the trees
Where clustring boughs with golden citron twine; 
While slow vibrations, dying on the breeze,
Shall soothe his soul with harmony divine!
Then let my form his yielding fancy seize,
And all his fondest wishes, blend with mine.

Mary Robinson

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