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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet to My Beloved Daughter

WHEN FATE in ruthless rage assaild my breast,
And Heaven relentless seald the harsh decree;
HOPE, placid soother of the mind distressd;
To calm my rending sorrowsgave me THEE. 

In all the charms of innocence arrayd,
Tis thine to sprinkle patience on my woes;
As from thy voice celestial comfort flows,
Glancing bright lustre oer each dreary shade. 

Still may thy growing REASONs light divine,
Illume with joy my melancholy bowrs;
Still may the beams of sacred VIRTUE shine,
To deck thy spring of youth with thornless flowrs;
So shall their splendid attributes combine,
To shed soft sunshine on MY WINTRY HOURS.

Mary Robinson

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