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Poem by Mary Robinson


OER fallow plains and fertile meads,
AURORA lifts the torch of day;
The shadwy brow of Night recedes,
Cold dew-drops fall from every spray;
Now oer the thistles rugged head,
Thin veils of filmy vapour fly,
On evry violets perfumd bed
The sparkling gems of Nature lie. 

The hills tall brow is crownd with gold,
The Milk-maid trills her jocund lay,
The Shepherd-boy unpens his fold,
The Lambs along the meadows play;
The pilfring LARK, with speckled breast,
From the ripe sheafs rich banquet flies;
And lifting high his plumy crest,
Soars the proud tenant of the skies. 

The PEASANT steals with timid feet,
And gently taps the cottage door;
Or on the green sod takes his seat,
And chaunts some well-known ditty oer;
Wakd by the strain, the blushing MAID,
Unpractisd in Loves mazy wiles, 
In clean, but homely garb arrayd,
From the small casement peepsand smiles. 

Proud CHANTICLEER unfolds his wing,
And fluttring struts in plumage gay;
The glades with vocal echoes ring,
Soft odours deck the hawthorn spray;
The SCHOOL-BOY saunters oer the green,
With satchel, filld with Learnings store;
While with dejected, sullen mien,
He cons his tedious lesson oer. 

When WINTER spreads her banner chill,
And sweeps the vale with freezing powr;
And binds in spells the vagrant rill,
And shrivels evry lingring flowr;
When NATURE quits her verdant dress,
And drops to earth her icy tears;
EEN THEN thy tardy glance can bless,
And soft thy weeping eye appears. 

Then at the Horns enlivning peal,
Keen Sportsmen for the chase prepare;
Thro the young Copse shrill echoes steal,
Swift flies the timrous, panting hare;
From evry straw-thatchd cottage soars
Blue curling smoke in many a cloud;
Around the Barns expanded doors,
The featherd throng impatient crowd. 

Such are thy charms! health-breathing scene!
Where Natures children revel gay; 
Where Plenty smiles with radiant mien,
And Labour crowns the circling day;
Where Peace, in conscious Virtue blest,
Invites the Heart to joy supreme;
While polishd Splendour pants for rest
And pines in Fashions fevrish dream.

Mary Robinson

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