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Poem by Katharine Tynan

The Birds Bargain

O spare my cherries in the net,
Brother Benignus prayed; and I 
Summer and winter, shine and wet,
Will pile the blackbirds table high. 

O spare my youngling peas, he prayed,
That for the Abbots table be; 
And every blackbird shall be fed;
Yea, they shall have their fill, said he. 

His prayer, his vow, the blackbirds heard, 
And spared his shining garden-plot. 
In abstinence went every bird, 
All the old thieving ways forgot. 

He kept his promise to his friends,
And daily set them finest fare 
Of corn and meal and manchet-ends, 
With marrowy bones for winter bare. 

Brother Benignus died in grace: 
The brethren keep his trust, and feed 
The blackbirds in this pleasant place, 
Purged, as dear heaven, from strife and greed. 

The blackbirds sing the whole year long, 
Here where they keep their promise given, 
And do the mellowing fruit no wrong. 
Brother Benignus smiles in heaven.

Katharine Tynan

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