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Poem by Katherine Mansfield

Night-Scented Stock

White, white in the milky night
The moon danced over a tree.
Wouldnt it be lovely to swim in the lake!
Someone whispered to me.

Oh, do-do-do! cooed someone else,
And clasped her hands to her chin.
I should so love to see the white bodies--
All the white bodies jump in!

The big dark house hid secretly
Behind the magnolia and the spreading pear-tree;
But there was a sound of music--music rippled and ran
Like a lady laughing behind her fan,
Laughing and mocking and running away...
Come into the garden--its as light as day!

I cant dance to that Hungarian stuff,
The rhythm in it is not passionate enough,
Said somebody. I absolutely refuse....
But he took off his socks and his shoes
And round he spun. Its like Hungarian fruit dishes
Hard and bright--a mechanical blue!
His white feet flicked in the grass like fishes...
Someone cried: I want to dance, too!

But one with a queer Russian ballet head
Curled up on a blue wooden bench instead.
And another, shadowy--shadowy and tall--
Walked in the shadow of the dark house wall,
Someone beside her. It shone in the gloom,
His round grey hat, like a wet mushroom.

Dont you think perhaps... piped someones flute.
How sweet the flowers smell! I heard the other say.
Somebody picked a wet, wet pink,
Smelled it and threw it away.
Is the moon a virgin or is she a harlot?
Asked somebody. Nobody would tell.
The faces and the hands moved in a pattern
As the music rose and fell,
In a dancing, mysterious, moon-bright pattern
Like flowers nodding under the sea...

The music stopped and there was nothing left of them
But the moon dancing over the tree.

Katherine Mansfield

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