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Poem by Ellis Parker Butler

Cupid Caught Napping

Cupid on a summer day,
Wearied by unceasing play,
In a rose heart sleeping lay,
  While, to guard the tricksy fellow,
Close above the fragrant bed
Back and forth a gruff bee sped,
And, to lull the sleepy head,
  Played Zoom! Zoom! upon his cello.

Little did the god surmise
That sweet Annas cerule eyes
Gazed on him with glad surprise,
  Or that he was in such danger;
But the watchman bee, in haste,
Left his post that he might taste
of the honey nature placed
  On the lips of that fair stranger.

Thus unwatched, from Cupids side
Anna stole the boy gods pride,
All his love darts, and then hied
  Far away from captures chances
And today she wields the prize;
For Loves quiver still supplies
Darts that speed from Annas eyes
  In her love compelling glances!

Ellis Parker Butler

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