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Poem by James Maxwell

4. 2d Answer. By another Hand

    Too long,  —, hast thou deceivd 
The world and fools thy lies believd. 
But now they see thy cursed aim, 
To blast a worthy Monarchs fame. 
Thus dost thou thy false heart disclose, 
And turn thy warmed friends to foes. 
Too long has thy envenomd pen 
Been drawn against the best of men. 
Yea, thou hast waged war with Heavn, 
And darts against thy Maker drivn. 
And now against thy lawful King, 
Darst thou rebellious javlins fling?
For this thy life in danger stands,
If thou art found within his lands;
Unless thy insignificance
Should prove thy besd defence for once;
For now no friend can take thy part,
Since thou haft shewn so false a heart.
    And tho thou shouldst mans hand escape, 
Shalt thou thereby advantage reap? 
No! he gainst whom thou darst rebel, 
Can soon imprison thee in hell. 
There must thou gnaw thy burning chains, 
Where Satan, thy grand master, reigns: 
Then see what satires thou canst make, 
Amidst that black infernal lake.

*See "On Stirling" (Robert Burns)

James Maxwell

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