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Poem by Thomas Urquhart

Epigrams. The First Booke. № 5. The wise, and noble resolution of a truly couragious, and devout spirit, towards the absolute danting of those irregular affections, and inward perturbations, which readily might happen to impede the current of his sanctified designes: and oppose his already ini∣tiated progresse, in the divinely proposed course of a vertuous, and holy life

MY soule shall rule my body, raigne o'r it:
And curb the Pentarchie of sensuall charmes;
For though they live togither, 'tis not fit,
They be compagnons upon equall termes:
Page  3 But in my mind J'l harbour such a reason,
As strongly may o'rmaster each temptation
Can be suggested to't: and choake the Treason
Of all, and ev'ry will-betraying passion:
In this judicious order the Realme,
Or little world of mine owne selfe to guide,
It is my whole intent, till J make calme,
Rebellious motions, and suppresse the pride
Of flesh: then, while J breath, maintaine that right,
In spight of Satan, and all worldly might.

Thomas Urquhart

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