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Poem by Alfred Edward Housman

More Poems. 44. Far Known to Sea and Shore

Far known to sea and shore,
        Four square and founded well,
A thousand years it bore,
        And then the belfry fell.

The steersman of Triest
        Looked where his mark should be,
But empty was the west
        And Venice under sea.

From dusty wreck dispersed
        Its stature mounts amain;
On surer foot than first
        The belfry stands again.

At to-fall of the day
        Again its curfew tolls
And burdens far away
        The green and sanguine shoals.

It looks to north and south,
        It looks to east and west;
It guides to Lido mouth
        The steersman of Triest.

Andrea, fare you well;
        Venice, farewell to thee.
The tower that stood and fell
        Is not rebuilt in me.

Alfred Edward Housman

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