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Poem by Alfred Edward Housman

More Poems. 42. A.J.J.

When hes returned Ill tell him  oh,
        Dear fellow, I forgot:
Time was you would have cared to know,
        But now it matters not.

I mourn you, and you heed not how;
        Unsaid the word must stay;
Last month was time enough, but now
        The news must keep for aye.

Oh, many a month before I learn
        Will find me starting still
And listening, as the days return,
        For him that never will.

Strange, strange to think his blood is cold
        And mine flows easy on,
And that straight look, that heart of gold,
        That grace, that manhood, gone.

The word unsaid will stay unsaid
        Though there was much to say;
Last month was time enough: hes dead,
        The news must keep for aye.

Alfred Edward Housman

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