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Joshua Sylvester. Biography

Josuah Sylvester (1563 Ц 28 September 1618) was an English poet.

Sylvester was the son of a Kentish clothier. In his tenth year he was sent to school at King Edward VI School, Southampton, where he gained a knowledge of French. After about three years at school, he appears to have been put to business, and in 1591 the title-page of his Yvry states that he was in the service of the Merchant Adventurers' Company.

He was for a short time a land steward, and in 1606 Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales gave him a small pension as a kind of court poet. In 1613 he obtained a position as secretary to the Merchant Adventurers. He was stationed at Middelburg, in the Low Countries, where he died.

Joshua Sylvester's Poems:
  1. Love's Omnipresence
  2. The Fruits of a Clear Conscience
  3. The Father
  4. To His Coy Love
  5. A Contented Mind
  6. They Say That Shadows Of Deceased Ghosts
  7. The Glorious Stars Of Heaven

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