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Poems about Islands of Scotland

  • A Wraith in the Mist (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  • Cathair Fhargus (Dinah Maria Craik)
  • Cave of Staffa (William Wordsworth)
  • Flowers on the Top of the Pillars at the Entrance of the Cave (William Wordsworth)
  • In the Isle of Mull (Richard Chenevix Trench)
  • In the Sound of Mull (William Wordsworth)
  • Lines Addressed to Ranald Macdonald, Esq., of Staffa (Walter Scott)
  • Mull (Thomas Campbell)
  • On the Frith of Clyde (William Wordsworth)
  • St. Cormac the Navigator (Thomas D'Arcy McGee)
  • Staffa (John Keats)
  • Staffa (William Sotheby)
  • The Golden Island: Arran from Ayr (Dinah Maria Craik)
  • The Maid of Oronsey (William Glen)

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