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Poems of Kate Greenaway for children

  • Ball (Kate Greenaway)
  • Childs Song (Kate Greenaway)
  • "In Go-Cart So Tiny" (Kate Greenaway)
  • "It Was Tommy Who Said" (Kate Greenaway)
  • "Now, All of You, Give Heed unto" (Kate Greenaway)
  • "School Is Over" (Kate Greenaway)
  • "Some Geese Went out A-Walking" (Kate Greenaway)
  • Street Show (Kate Greenaway)
  • The Cats Have Come to Tea (Kate Greenaway)
  • The Four Princesses (Kate Greenaway)
  • The Little Jumping Girls (Kate Greenaway)
  • The Little Queens Coming (Kate Greenaway)
  • Under the Window (Kate Greenaway)
  • "Up You Go, Shuttlecocks, Ever So High!" (Kate Greenaway)

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