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Poems about Morning

  • A Hymn for Morning (Thomas Parnell)
  • A Morning Hymn (Christopher Smart)
  • A Spring Morning (John Clare)
  • A Winter Day: Morning (Thomas Aird)
  • Aubade (William Davenant)
  • Autumn Morning At Cambridge (Bryan Waller Procter)
  • By Morning Twilight (George Meredith)
  • May Morning (Edmund William Gosse)
  • May Morning (Robert Laurence Binyon)
  • Morning Hymn (Charles Wesley)
  • Morning Hymn (George MacDonald)
  • Morning. Noon. Evening. Night (William Hamilton Reid)
  • Morning (Thomas Aird)
  • Morning (Menella Bute Smedley)
  • Morning (Thomas Gent)
  • Morning (Philip James Bailey)
  • Morning (Jones Very)
  • On a Fine Morning (Thomas Hardy)
  • One Summer Morning (Dinah Maria Craik)
  • Song on May Morning (John Milton)
  • Sonnet 40. I love to rise ere gleams the tardy light (Anna Seward)
  • Spring Morning (Alan Alexander Milne)
  • To Morning (William Blake)

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