John Dryden

On the Monument of the Marquis of Winchester

HE who in impious times untainted stood
And midst rebellion durst be just and good,
Whose arms asserted, and whose sufferings more
Confirmíd the cause for which he fought before,
Rests here, rewarded by an heavenly prince
For what his earthly could not recompense.
Pray, reader, that such times no more appear;
Or, if they happen, learn true honour here.
  Ark of thy ageís faith and loyalty,
Which, to preserve them, Heaven confiníd in thee.
Few subjects could a king like thine deserve;
And fewer such a king so well could serve.
Blest king, blest subject, whose exalted state
By sufferings rose and gave the law to fate!
Such souls are rare, but mighty patterns given
To earth were meant for ornaments to Heavín.

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