Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 46. His Maistres Name

Quhat pregnant sprit the letters can espy
My ladyis name and surname that begins ?
Betuixt thame (ay) in ordour, is bot I,
And only I these lovely letters tuins ;

Thoght rekles redars rashly ouer this rins,
Jit sharper shuters ner the mark will shute.
Shute on ; lat sie vho first my wedfie w[ins;]
For I will wed ane apple and a nute.

To brek jour brains, je bunglers, is no bute ;
The mair je muse, the mare je misse the [mark.]
I count jour cunning is not worth a cute,
That cannot kyth jour self to be a c[lark.]

Or je this find, I feir je first be fane
For to begin jour A, B, C agane.

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