Mathilde Blind

The Sleeping Beauty

There was intoxication in the air;
   The wind, keen blowing from across the seas,
   O'er leagues of new-ploughed land and heathery leas,
Smelt of wild gorse whose gold flamed everywhere.
And undertone of song pulsed far and near,
   The soaring larks filled heaven with ecstasies,
   And, like a living clock among the trees,
The shouting cuckoo struck the time of year.

For now the Sun had found the earth once more,
   And woke the Sleeping Beauty with a kiss;
Who thrilled with light of love in every pore,
   Opened her flower-blue eyes, and looked in his.
Then all things felt life fluttering at their coreó
   The world shook mystical in lambent bliss.

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