William Cartwright

A Dream Broke

As Nilus sudden Ebbing, here
Doth leave a scale, and a scale there,
And somewhere else perhaps a Fin,
Which by his stay had Fishes been:
So Dreams, which overflowing be,
Departing leave Half things, which we
For their Imperfectness can call
But Joyes i'th' Fin, or in the Scale.
If when her Teares I haste to kiss,
They dry up, and deceive my Bliss.
May not I say the Waters sink,
And Cheat my Thirst when I would drink?
If when her Breasts I go to press,
Insteed of them I grasp her Dress,
May not I say the Apples then
Are set down, and snatch'd up agen?
Sleep was not thus Death's Brother meant;
'Twas made an Ease, no Punishment.
As then that's finish'd by the Sun,
Which Nile did only leave begun,
My Fancy shall run o'r Sleeps Themes.
And so make up the Web of Dreams:
In vain fleet shades, ye do Contest:
Awak'd how e'r I'l think the rest.

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