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James Maxwell (1719-1800)

The Rating of James Maxwell's Poems

  1. 1. ТTwas Thought of Late but Few Years Past...
  2. 2. On the Ayr-shire Ploughman Poet, or Poetaster, R.B.
  3. 5. 3d Answer, By the Same
  4. 4. 2d Answer. By another Hand
  5. 3. 1st Answer to the Foregoing. By------ HAMILTON
  6. 9. Postscript; by Way of Application
  7. 7. To L-----------Тs Subscribers
  8. 8. An Epitaph on LЧ Poems. By another Hand
  9. 10. Urania. To the Human Muse
  10. 6. On L-----------------Тs Poems. Another A-----sh-----e Bard

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