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Paul Hamilton Hayne (1830-1886)
Paul Hamilton Hayne (  )

The Rating of Paul Hamilton Hayne's Poems

  1. October
  2. Cloud Pictures
  3. Windless Rain
  4. Fate, or God?
  5. After the Tornado
  6. At Last
  7. A Bachelor-Bookworms Complaint of the Late Presidential Election
  8. Song of the Naiads
  9. A Character
  10. A Comparison
  11. A Dream of the South Winds
  12. Too Low and Yet Too High
  13. The Coming of the Wind
  14. On the Decline of Faith
  15. Under the Pine
  16. Pent in This Common Sphere of Sensual Shows
  17. Sweetheart, Good-Bye!
  18. The Soul-Conflict
  19. Aspects of the Pines
  20. The True Heaven
  21. A Fuedal Picture
  22. Between the Sunken Sun and the New Moon
  23. A Storm in the Distance
  24. Now, While the Rear-Guard of the Flying Year
  25. My Study
  26. A New Philosophy; or, Star Showers Explained
  27. A Mountain Fantasy
  28. Aethra
  29. A Morning after Storm
  30. Along the Path Thy Bleeding Feet Have Trod
  31. In Harbor
  32. Blanche and Nell
  33. A Meeting of the Birds
  34. Babys First Word
  35. A Plea for the Gray
  36. Too Oft the Poet in Elaborate Verse
  37. A Lyrical Picture
  38. A New Version of Why the Robins Breast Is Red
  39. A Christmas Lyric
  40. The Laughing Hours before Her Feet
  41. A Phantom in the Clouds
  42. An Idle Poet, Dreaming in the Sun
  43. O God! What Glorious Seasons Bless Thy World!
  44. The Old Man of the Sea

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