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Janet Little (1759-1813)

The Rating of Janet Little's Poems

  1. On Halloween
  2. On a Visit to Mr. Burns
  3. An Epistle to Mr. Robert Burns
  4. To a Lady who Sent the Author Some Paper with a Reading of Sillars Poems
  5. On the Spring
  6. Given to a Lady who Asked Me to Write a Poem
  7. Upon a Young Ladys Breaking a Looking-Glass
  8. To Hope
  9. Alcanzar
  10. To my Aunty
  11. To the Countess of Loudoun
  12. To the Public
  13. Another Epistle to Nell
  14. The Captivated Soldier
  15. Written January First, 1792
  16. A Young Ladys Lamentation
  17. An Extemporary Acrostic
  18. A Poem on Contentment
  19. Celia and her Looking Glass
  20. Lothario
  21. The Rival Swans

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