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John Gay (1685-1732)
  (John Gay)

The Rating of John Gay's Poems

  1. Part I. Fable 1. The Lion, the Tiger, and the Traveller
  2. Part I. Fable 34. The Mastiffs
  3. Part I. Fable 50. The Hare and Many Friends
  4. Part I. Fable 14. The Monkey Who Had Seen the World
  5. The Shepherd and the Philosopher
  6. Part I. Fable 15. The Philosopher and the Pheasants
  7. Part I. Fable 24. The Butterfly and the Snail
  8. Part I. Fable 17. The Shepherd's Dog and the Wolf
  9. Part I. Fable 27. The Sick Man and the Angel
  10. Part I. Fable 4. The Eagle, and the Assembly of Animals
  11. Part I. Fable 18. The Painter Who Pleased Nobody and Everybody
  12. Part I. Fable 45. The Poet and the Rose
  13. Part I. Fable 2. The Spaniel and the Cameleon
  14. Part I. Fable 7. The Lion, the Fox, and the Geese
  15. Part I. Fable 3. The Mother, the Nurse, and the Fairy
  16. Part I. Fable 20. The Old Hen and the Cock
  17. Part I. Fable 49. The Man and the Flea
  18. Part I. Fable 19. The Lion and the Cub
  19. Part I. Fable 23. The Old Woman and her Cats
  20. Part I. Fable 11. The Peacock, the Turkey, and the Goose
  21. Part I. Fable 40. The Two Monkeys
  22. Part I. Fable 9. The Bull and the Mastiff
  23. Part I. Fable 32. The Two Owls and the Sparrow
  24. Part I. Fable 6. The Miser and Plutus
  25. Part I. Fable 12. Cupid, Hymen, and Plutus
  26. Part I. Fable 43. The Council of Horses
  27. Part I. Fable 8. The Lady and the Wasp
  28. Part I. Fable 10. The Elephant and the Bookseller
  29. Part I. Fable 5. The Wild Boar and the Ram
  30. Part I. Fable 25. The Scold and the Parrot
  31. Part I. Fable 26. The Cur and the Mastiff
  32. Part I. Fable 29. The Fox at the Point of Death
  33. Part I. Fable 13. The Tame Stag
  34. Part I. Fable 21. The Rat-catcher and Cats
  35. Part I. Fable 16. The Pin and the Needle
  36. Part I. Fable 39. The Father and Jupiter
  37. Part I. Fable 33. The Courtier and Proteus
  38. Part II. Fable 1. The Dog and the Fox
  39. Part I. Fable 28. The Persian, the Sun, and the Cloud
  40. Part I. Fable 22. The Goat without a Beard
  41. Part I. Fable 35. The Barley-mow and the Dunghill
  42. Part I. Fable 36. Pythagoras and the Countryman
  43. Part I. Fable 37. The Farmer's Wife and the Raven
  44. Part I. Fable 47. The Court of Death
  45. Part II. Fable 17. Ay and No
  46. Part I. Fable 38. The Turkey and the Ant
  47. Part I. Fable 46. The Cur, the Horse, and the Shepherd's Dog
  48. Part I. Fable 44. The Hound and the Huntsman
  49. Part I. Fable 31. The Universal Apparition
  50. Part II. Fable 2. The Vulture, the Sparrow, and other Birds
  51. Part I. Fable 30. The Setting-dog and the Partridge
  52. Part II. Fable 10. The Degenerate Bees
  53. Part I. Fable 48. The Gardener and the Hog
  54. Part I. Fable 42. The Jugglers
  55. Part I. Fable 41. The Owl and the Farmer
  56. Part II. Fable 13. Plutus, Cupid, and Time
  57. Part II. Fable 6. The Squire and his Cur
  58. Part II. Fable 5. The Bear in a Boat
  59. Part II. Fable 16. The Ravens, the Sexton, and the Earth-worm
  60. Part II. Fable 8. The Man, the Cat, the Dog, and the Fly
  61. Part II. Fable 3. The Baboon and the Poultry
  62. Part II. Fable 9. The Jackall, Leopard, and other Beasts
  63. Part II. Fable 4. The Ant in Office
  64. Part II. Fable 15. The Cook-maid, the Turnspit, and the Ox
  65. Part II. Fable 14. The Owl, the Swan, the Cock, the Spider, the Ass, and the Farmer
  66. Part II. Fable 7. The Countryman and Jupiter
  67. Part II. Fable 11. The Pack-horse and the Carrier
  68. Part II. Fable 12. Pan and Fortune
  69. Trivia, or The Art of Walking the Streets of London. Book 1
  70. Trivia, or The Art of Walking the Streets of London. Book 2
  71. To a Lady
  72. He That Tastes Woman
  73. Trivia, or The Art of Walking the Streets of London. Book 3
  74. Newgates Garland: Being a New Ballad
  75. The Coquet Mother and Coquet Daughter
  76. Elegiac Epistle to a Friend; Written under a Dejection of Spirits
  77. Acis and Galatea
  78. Fable
  79. If the Heart of a Man
  80. Comparisons
  81. A Ballad on Ale
  82. Sweet William's Farewell to Black-Ey'd Susan
  83. Air. If Lawers Hand Is Feed
  84. To a Young Lady, with Some Lampreys
  85. An Elegy on a Lap-dog
  86. A Ballad
  87. To My Chair
  88. Revenge: or Fartherly Kindness
  89. To a Lady on Her Passion for Old China
  90. The Quidnunckis
  91. An Epistle to Her Grace, Henrietta, Duchess of Marlborough
  92. Prediction

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