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Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The House of Life. Sonnet 30. Last Fire

Love, through your spirit and mine what summer eve
  Now glows with glory of all things possess'd,
  Since this day's sun of rapture filled the west
And the light sweetened as the fire took leave?
Awhile now softlier let your bosom heave,
  As in Love's harbour, even that loving breast,
  All care takes refuge while we sink to rest,
And mutual dreams the bygone bliss retrieve.

Many of the days that Winter keeps in store,
  Sunless throughout, or whose brief sun-glimpses
  Scarce shed the heaped snow through the naked trees.
This day at least was Summer's paramour,
Sun-coloured to the imperishable core
  With sweet well-being of love and full heart's ease.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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