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Poem by John Codrington Bampfylde

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As when, to one who long hath watched, the morn
  Advancing, slow forewarns the approach of day,
  (What time the young and flowery-kirtled May
  Decks the green hedge and dewy grass unshorn
With cowslips pale, and many a whitening thorn;
  And now the sun comes forth with level ray,)
  Gilding the high-wood top and mountain gray;
  And as he climbs, the meadows' gins adorn:
The rivers glisten to the dancing beam,
  The awakened birds begin their amorous strain,
  And hill and vale with joy and fragrance teem;
Such is the sight of thee; thy wished return
  To eyes, like mine, that long have waked to mourn,
  That long have watched for light, and wept in vain.

John Codrington Bampfylde

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