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Poem by Thomas Hardy

Thoughts at Midnight

Mankind, you dismay me
When shadows waylay me! Ц
Not by your splendours
Do you affray me,
Not as pretenders
To demonic keenness,
Not by your meanness,
Nor your ill-teachings,
Nor your false preachings,
Nor your banalities
And immoralities,
Nor by your daring
Nor sinister bearing;
But by your madnesses
Capping cool badnesses,
Acting like puppets
Under TimeТs buffets;
In superstitions
And ambitions
Moved by no wisdom,
Far-sight, or system,
Led by sheer senselessness
And presciencelessness
Into unreason
And hideous self-treason...
God, look he on you,
Have mercy upon you!

Part written 25 May 1906

Thomas Hardy

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