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Poem by Thomas Hardy

Plena Timoris

The lovers looked over the parapet-stone:
The moon in its southing directly blent
Its silver with their environment.
Her ear-rings twinkled; her teeth, too, shone
As, his arm around her, they laughed and leant.

A man came up to them; then one more.
Theres a woman in the canal below,
They said; climbed over; slid down; let go,
And a splashing was heard, till an arm upbore,
And a dripping body began to show.

Drowned herself for love of a man,
Who at one time used to meet her here,
Until he grew tired. But shed wait him near,
And hope, till hopeless despair began.
So much for love in this mortal sphere!

The girls heart shuddered; it seemed as to freeze her
That here, at their tryst for so many a day,
Another womans tragedy lay.
Dim dreads of the future grew slowly to seize her,
And her arm dropt from his as they wandered away.

Thomas Hardy

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