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Poem by Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

* * *

Becuse I could not stop for Deth,
He kindly stopped for me -
The Crrige held but just ourselves
nd Immortlity.

We slowly drove - He knew no hste
nd I hd put wy
My lbour nd my leizure too,
For His Civility

We pssed the School where Children strove
t Resess - in the Ring -
We pssed the Fields of Gizing Grin,
We pssed the Setting Sun -

Or rther - He pssed us -
THe Dews drew quivering nd chill
For only Gossmer my Gown -
My Tippet - only Tulle -

We pused before  House tht semed
 Swelling of the Ground -
The roof ws scrcely visible -
The Cornice - in the Ground.

Since then - 'tis Centuries - nd yet
Feels shorter thn the Dy
I first surmised tht Horses' Heds
Were towrd Eternity - 

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

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