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Poem by Thomas Hardy

To an Impersonator of Rosalind

Did he who drew her in the years ago 
Till now conceived creator of her grace 
With telescopic sight high natures know,
Discern remote in Times untravelled space

Your soft sweet mien, your gestures, as do we,
And with a copyists hand but set them down,
Glowing yet more to dream our ecstasy
When his Original should be forthshown?

For, kindled by that animated eye,
Whereto all fairnesses about thee brim,
And by thy tender tones, what wight can fly
The wild conviction welling up in him

That he at length beholds woo, parley, plead,
The very, very Rosalind indeed!

8 Adelphi Terrace, 21 April 1867

Thomas Hardy

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