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Poem by Thomas Hardy

The Conformers

Yes; well wed, my little fay,
And you shall write you mine,
And in a villa chastely gray
Well house, and sleep, and dine.
But those night-screened, divine,
Stolen trysts of heretofore,
We of choice ecstasies and fine
Shall know no more.

The formal faced cohue
Will then no more upbraid
With smiting smiles and whisperings two
Who have thrown less loves in shade.
We shall no more evade
The searching light of the sun,
Our game of passion will be played,
Our dreaming done.

We shall not go in stealth
To rendezvous unknown,
But friends will ask me of your health,
And you about my own.
When we abide alone,
No leapings each to each,
But syllables in frigid tone
Of household speech.

When down to dust we glide
Men will not say askance,
As now: How all the country side
Rings with their mad romance!
But as they graveward glance
Remark: In them we lose
A worthy pair, who helped advance
Sound parish views.

Thomas Hardy

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