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Poem by Samuel Daniel

Delia 1. Unto the Bboundless Ocean of thy Beauty

    Unto the boundless Ocean of thy beauty 
Runs this poor river, charg'd with streams of zeal:
Returning thee the tribute of my duty,
Which here my love, my youth, my plaints reveal.
    Here I unclasp the book of my charg'd soul, 
Where I have cast th'accounts of all my care:
Here have I summ'd my sighs, here I enroll
How they were spent for thee; look what they are.
    Look on the dear expences of my youth, 
And see how just I reckon with thine eyes:
Examine well they beauty in my truth,
And cross my cares ere greater sums arise.
    Read it, sweet maid, though it be done but slightly; 
    Who can show all his love, doth love but lightly.

Samuel Daniel

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