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Poem by Gerald Massey


LOVE came to me in a rosy cloud,
    With a golden glory kist;
And caught me up, and in heaven we rode,
    Till it melted in mournful mist.
Gone! gone! is the light that shone,
    With the dream of my earlier day:
And the wild winds moan, and alone, alone,
    I wander my weary way.

The days come and go, and the seasons roll,Ч
    In their glory they pass me by;
And the lords of life and the happy in soul
    Walk under a smiling sky.
And the sweet springtide comes back to earth, o'er
    The soothed winter sea;
But He will return no more, no more,
    Never come back to me.

It were better that I lay sleeping
    With his baby upon my breast,
When the weary have done with their weeping
    And the wretched are rockt to their rest.
The world is a desolate, dreary one,
    And full of sad tears at best:
God, take back thy wandering weary one,
    Like a wounded bird home to its nest.

Gerald Massey

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