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Poem by Gerald Massey


        One kiss more, Sweet!
Soft as ambrosial wind out of the west,
Or silkenest surge of thy rose-misted breast;
Sweet lips, all ruddily melting apart,
Drink up the honey and wine of my heart.

        One kiss more, Sweet!
Warm as a morning sunbeam's dewy gold,
Slips in a red rose's fragrantest fold,
Sets its green blood all a-blush, burning up,
At the fresh feel of life, in its crimson cup.

        One kiss more, Sweet!
Full as the flush of the sea-tide grand,
Sucking the splendour-fire out of the sand,
Mellifluously flood all my being with bliss,
Suck up my soul into thine with a kiss.

Gerald Massey

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