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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 69. The Old Maister

                  To my old Maister, and his jong disciple ;
                  Tua bairnis of Beath, by Natur taught to tipple *.

The Lesbian Lad, that weirs the wodbind w[reath,]
With Ceres and Cylenus, gled jour ging.
Be blyth, Kilbvrnie, with the Bairns of Be[ath ;]
And let Lochwinnoch Lordie lead jour ri[ng.]

Be mirrie men ; feir God, and serve the K[ing ;]
And cair not by Dame Fortuns fead a fl[ea ;]
Syne, welcome hame, suete Semple, sie je [sing ;]
Gut ouer, and let the wind shute in the [sea.]

I, Richie, Jane, and George are lyk to [dee ;]
Four crabit crippilis crackand in our crouch.
Sen I am trensh-man for the other thri[e,]
Let drunken Pancrage drink to me in D[utch.]

Scol frie, al out, albeit that I suld brist
Ih wachts, hale beir, fan hairts and nych [sum] drist.

Alexander Montgomerie

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